Saturday, August 27, 2011

See Ya Summer!

Thanks for the fun!

Lona went to Camp TECHie this summer at TASK (Team of Advocates for Special Kids) and had a great time. The goal of Camp Techie is to help reinforce social skills, academic skills, and gross and fine motor skills with the use of assistive technology (computers, iPads, and Wii), arts and crafts projects, and group activities.

Making new friends.

We went to the San Diego Zoo and unfortunately were only able to see the goats in the petting zoo before we had to leave. We just hate it when one of our backs go out. I'm glad that Lona was able to enjoy her visit, however brief it may have been.

Who knew goats were just the right size to do this?

And this.

And this.

Hey, are you paying attention?

We made up for it with some yummy pizza with Daddy overlooking San Diego Bay.

Lona enjoyed the Orange County Fair and getting to see all kinds of creatures, both big...

... and small

and everyone in between.

They were sharing a moment.

Her first pony ride was a huge hit. Lona loved it and did not want to get off,

and the funnel cake disappeared in record time.

Girls night out. Lona thoroughly enjoyed her first trip to the Hollywood Bowl. Every year we see John Williams conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic and like a true Swerdfeger, she loved the music.

Wow! So much fun in just one summer! Next up... preschool!!!