Thursday, June 30, 2011


It is amazing to think that Alyona has been home with our family for 6 months! It has gone by so quickly and she has learned and experienced so much. Lona is such a sweetheart and she has fit into our family beautifully. It has been fun to be able to watch her and discover some of her favorite things, such as...

The Beach

Water play time

Easter baskets, easter eggs, and yummies.
Yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper in the background.


Just look at that face. Too cute!

Eating out at restaurants. Mmmm, Rockin' Baja.
Lona will have a Baja Bucket, please.

Enjoying a baseball game with Daddy.

... and with her baby.

Watching the fish at the pet store.

and the birds too!

Lona especially loves when I get distracted and she decides to serve herself seconds.


During the Baccalaureate, Lona was busy lap-hopping between Grandpa and the uncles and aunts. She didn't want anyone to feel left out.

Congratulations Kelsey!


Hanging out with Daddy and Grandpa!

It was our first time in A Bug's Land. Lona took me on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train, Flik's Flyers, and Ladybug Boogie, but she had the most fun at Princess Dot Puddle Park. She got completely drenched and loved every minute of it!

Lona loves Grandpa and going to eat out at Islands. Mmmm, she highly recommends their Hawaiian Burger.

And spending the day swimming with Papa and Kelsey. Lona tried jumping into the pool. Ok, I had to help her, but she loved it! She kept climbing out so she could do it again and again!

Lona really loves the pool.

I know where we will be spending most of our time this summer.

I turned on the hose for Lona to play in.

Kelsey decided that Lona needed a lesson on how to run through the sprinklers. What a good big sister.

TECH CENTER AT TASK (Team of Advocates for Special Kids)
Lona was able to try out different computer software...

and different keyboards.

Some keyboards were a lot more fun than others.

Hello, this Lona. How may I help you?

Our family loves music and we enjoy when we are able to take in a concert where we get to see several of our favorite artists. This year we were looking forward to seeing David Crowder Band, Third Day, and Mercy Me.

In between the performances, Lona would take out the iPad and work on her colors, shapes, and numbers (Preschool Prep Co.).

Lona was so cute! She had such a great time dancing to the music, waving to all of the people, and fist bumping anyone within reach.

I love my girls!!!

I can't wait to see what the next 6 months have in store for us!

Friday, June 17, 2011

First JANA Concert ! ! !

Oh... my! This face doesn't even begin to tell you how much fun Alyona had at the Jana Alayra concert. We headed out to Temecula to see Jana (and Ella) for a night of music and fun.

The four-year olds were the first group that were able to join Jana up on stage. I must admit, at first Lona wasn't sure what she signed up for.

But once Jana started singing and doing the motions, Lona knew exactly what to do. Lona definitely rocked "Absolutely Nothing!"

Lona was so excited to get to meet Jana after the concert!

When Brian travels I put in Jana's video for her. Lona gets so happy to see her Papa playing guitar. My older girls loved Jana when they were Lona's age and I am so happy that Jana is still going strong. Thanks Jana for all you do!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank You Ella...

For a great day at the beach today!

Alyona had her first play date! Lona and Ella were so cute together.

They were even practicing their synchronized bucket dumping.

These two precious girls were so adorable together.

Thank you Denise (Ella's mama) for the invite, we had such a great time.