Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Month Home!!!

Alyona has had a lot of fun this past month, but I must say that we have had just as much fun watching her meet new friends and family, learn, and explore her surroundings.

What a cutie!


Meeting the cousins

Not fun, but Alyona dazzled everyone in the waiting room while waiting to get her x-rays taken.

Alyona loved that she got to push her own shopping cart at the market.

Splashing in the pool

Eating ice cream
Someone couldn't wait for the picture to be taken before digging in. I'm not naming any names, but...


Celebrating Kira's 20th birthday



Visiting the San Diego Zoo

Friday, January 14, 2011

Alyona Goes to NAMM

Brian has been away at the NAMM Show, a music tradeshow here in southern California, and Alyona has been missing him big time! She will call his name, looking for him at home, even though he is not there. We decided we needed to give that little girl some Papa time so we took her to the show to see him.

It was so cute to see how excited she was to see him!

It was great to see so many of Brian's friends and fellow employees who have been following our story and praying for us, to be able to finally get to meet the little sweetie that had stolen our heart.

We were able to go out to dinner together after the show. When everyone was finished eating I look over and what do I see? Alyona, arms folded, just like her Papa. Too cute!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alyona is doing amazing!

We just love being able to see her explore and discover.

She loves being my little helper in the kitchen. She really enjoys helping me add the ingredients and mix everything from waffle batter to cornbread.

Alyona loves Bella and is constantly blowing her kisses. Bella has begun returning the affection.

The very first time Alyona touched Brian's goatee, you should have seen the look on her face. You could tell by her expression that she was definitely not sure about it. Well, now when she touches it, she seems more interested and less disgusted.

Why is it that the packaging is always so much more fun than what was inside.

The weather has been wonderful and we have been taking advantage of it by going to the park as much as possible. I just love Aly in her "Life is good" t-shirt.

We are thrilled that Alyona is doing so well and we are so lucky to have her cheerful smile with us everyday!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome Home, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year Alyona!

We spent January 1st, watching The Tournament of Roses Parade, opening Christmas presents and being together as a family.

I just love how much she loves her papa and how excited she gets when she is with him!

We noticed that Aly has a tendency to copy what we do. Well, we didn't realize that included what our dog, Bella, did as well. Bella got out of her bed and Aly quickly seized the opportunity to hop right in.

I swiffered the floors in this morning and as soon as I was done, Aly spent the day re-swiffering the floors for me. She even got upset when I put it away so we could go to the park... funny girl!

We are really enjoying getting to learn all about Alyona.