Thursday, March 4, 2010

Re-Do Part 1

Of all our documents that we have sent in for approval, only one came back that needs to be redone (not too bad). The letter from the county assessors office needs to be redone. It only needs one small addition added to it (amount of living space needs to be added to the total amount of square footage of our home). Hopefully they will have that information and be able provide the documentation. They were really good getting the first letter ready for us. I am hoping that will be the same case with the new revision.

However, we still have NOT received the letter from our mortgage company. NOT HAPPY!!!

When Brian went to the lab for his blood work, they were not able to do it that day because he had taken something for his back pain (Tylenol, Motrin, something like that). Well, because his back was bothering him for such a long time (even after several chiropractor appts - Brian did a really good job this time!) he was not able to go back to the lab until he was not taking anything for his back pain. I am happy to report that his back is better and he got his blood work completed.

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