Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome Home, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year Alyona!

We spent January 1st, watching The Tournament of Roses Parade, opening Christmas presents and being together as a family.

I just love how much she loves her papa and how excited she gets when she is with him!

We noticed that Aly has a tendency to copy what we do. Well, we didn't realize that included what our dog, Bella, did as well. Bella got out of her bed and Aly quickly seized the opportunity to hop right in.

I swiffered the floors in this morning and as soon as I was done, Aly spent the day re-swiffering the floors for me. She even got upset when I put it away so we could go to the park... funny girl!

We are really enjoying getting to learn all about Alyona.


The Mac's House said...

What a great little helper you have there.

She's so adorable. Glad to hear that you're home safe and sound reunited with the entire family.

The McEacherns said...

I actually had to buy Isabel a child-size broom when we got home. She loved to copy my cleaning and still breaks it out at least every other week.

NDMom said...

She is so beautiful! Love the picture with her "Papa". Bella is my shadow whenever I clean too! Gotta love it!

Sherry White said...

Would you look at that girl!:) What a difference from the first pic I ever saw on her on RR, with her sad, dirty little face. She is so beautiful!! And so are your floors, by the way! ;) God bless you, Swerds! :)