Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!

Alyona has had a few more doctor's appointments recently. The ophthalmologist said that Lona does need glasses, but he will wait until her birthday in September before getting her glasses.

Her pediatrician and the international adoption specialist had both mentioned an innocent heart murmur. Well, we visited the cardiologist and the cardiogram showed a VSD. We have her appointment scheduled at the cath lab at our local children's hospital. If anyone has had any experience, please let me know what to expect.

We had another birthday. Kelsey turned 18 and she also wanted to spend the day at Disneyland.

Lona was so funny! She saw her reflection in the pole of the merry-go-round and started making faces. Too cute!

It was almost 90 degrees and Kelsey thought we needed some ice cream. Lona thought that was a great idea!

Kelsey had waited so long for her special birthday dinner! It was definitely worth the wait.

Happy 18th birthday Kelsey !

We all love getting to spend time with family. Gotta love the aunt and uncles.

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