Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goodbye January

I can't believe that January is over. It seems like Christmas was just a few days ago. If being this busy has made the month go by like a flash I can't imagine what February will be like.

1/27 Visited the doctor for TB results (one down, three to go). I found a plate with hearts on it for Aly! Anyone who has been to our home knows our girls have made a make-a-plate a year for the last... Also, we had a birthday in the family. Kira decided to forgo the birthday cake and go with a birthday pie this year. Kelsey has been doing this the past few years requesting apple pie, but Kira decided a chocolate satin pie was necessary to make her day complete.

1/28 First meeting with our social worker regarding our homestudy. Our task now is to finish our paperwork, read our books, and set up another appointment for our individual meetings with her.

1/29 One word... DMV. This had to be our biggest accomplishment of the week! We stopped by the day before after meeting with our social worker, but the line was out the door. Needless to day we both decided to try again the following day (the line just had to be shorter). I filled out and printed my form at home, took my $5 and went down to my local DMV. The line was L-O-N-G-E-R, but at least I was armed with a book. I waited and waited and waited some more and eventually was rewarded with the piece of paper that I was there for. Brian went first thing in the morning to the DMV by his office and had waited an hour but had to leave to get to work. He went back in the afternoon and it took an hour and a half (yep, that sounds about right!).

I am pleased with how much we got accomplished in January. I can only hope (and pray) that February will be as successful with completing the necessary paperwork, classes, and books that are required.

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