Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet Aly

This is the little girl we discovered needed a forever family! She’s currently in an orphanage in Eastern Europe and she’s nearing the age where if not adopted, she would be removed from her baby-house and moved to an institution because orphans with Down Syndrome are sent to mental institutions when they turn four!

We were immediately struck by her description:

Alyona is a gorgeous little girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She is described as quite high functioning, very sweet, and very happy! She does have an ASD (atrial septal defect), but it is not considered serious and may well have closed on it's own already. She is walking and eating independently, follows directions well, and is an orphanage favorite!

Her caregivers tell us she is speaking now, walking and eating on her own, and is truly a doll baby. She is described as a gentle girl, a good imitator, and she loves to read books. She is very loving and intelligent, and they really hope a family will come for her!

Thanks to Reece’s Rainbow and God we have heard her voice and she is on our hearts. She could be the missing Swerd!


Michelle said...

I ADORE Alyona! She seems so sweet & like she has a great personality. I'm so, so glad you're bringing her home. We're heading to Ukraine to bring home Lilya.

momtofourgirls.Kari said...
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momtofourgirls.Kari said...

I am soooooo excited for your family!! My girls and I were so drawn to little Alyona and my heart is full now that she has found a family! I look forward to watching your journey as you become a family.

Alyona reminds me of my little firecracker (Sadie - 5 yrs) You can read about her on our blog that needs to be updated terribly!

Our family lives in Orange County also. The services and resources for a child with down syndrome in Orange County are endless. When you are ready you can contact me for information about parent support groups, lessons, the learning program, the buddy walk. anything!!! I believe you are the first in our area to adopt through Reese's Rainbow (I've asked because I was so attached to a little girl who just came home to her forever family). But, I know several families have adopted through social services.

Good luck to you and your family. I am so excited for you!

Also, if you want to take a look.. there are quite a few women from the downsyn forum that have adopted from Reese's Rainbow. It is a great resource.


Sherry White said...

So delighted for Alyona to have been found by her wonderful family! May the time pass quickly and your process be smooth!