Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 4: We Are Here And We Are Styling!

We finally made it to the country-that-shall-not-be-named! We were welcomed by a snow storm and it is cold (thank you Teri for letting me borrow your coat), but beautiful.

First, let me show you around our new apartment.

Here is our gorgeous living room.

Welcome to our kitchen. There is only one bowl, so Brian and I will have to share.

And finally, our bedroom.

I am thrilled that Brian was able to get the computer hooked up so we can keep everyone updated. It takes five minutes for one photo to upload so please be patient.

We are so excited that we are days away from seeing Aly!

Here is the tentative schedule:
- Tuesday 9:00am SDA appointment
- Wednesday 4:00 pick up referral from SDA
- Thursday meet Aly!

Please pray for Brian's back. The final flight here did a number on him and he is hurting.


Sue & Bruce said...

It's great to see the photos - thanks for taking us along on your faith and adoption adventure. I'm so sorry Brian's back is so bad - I hope that he'll be feeling better really soon. I love the circle couch. I'm sure you'll have some new decorating ideas when you come home!

SensibleMom said...

Celebrating with you! I, too, love the circle couch! I'm praying for Brian's back. Poor guy, that can be a deterent to total celebration for him.

Mel said...

YAY!!!! Welcome to that country that shall remain nameless! hehe Enjoy your time in the capital city!! Can't wait to see you with your girl!!

Jodi said...

wow! nice apartment!!

Can't wait to follow along :)

My husband has a bad back too and the flight was a tough one for that :( So, I know what you mean.

love seeing the pictures!

NDMom said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey with us. Can't wait until we see pics of you and your girl!

coloradotransplant said...

You are lucky--the mutual friends had to stand in a corner to get any sort of online connection. And that was very iffy.

Nan and Dan said...

so happy you are there! good luck tomorrow!! take care! hugs!

1busymom3 said...

So excited for you! Love seeing the pictures! Will keep you in our prayers!!!! Blessings!

Denise said...

So glad you arrived in "that" country safely. Will try to patiently wait for Thursday to see pictures of precious Aly!! Just thought of you guys yesterday when I saw Brian on Ella's Jana Alayra DVD :)

Hansina said...

Yay! Stay warm you California girl! So excited for you both. Praying Brian's back is healed quickly! Love looking at the pictures!