Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Progress Continues... Continued

I am really enjoying the Olympics this year. While we were watching the opening ceremony, we saw the team from Aly's country enter and I thought, "Hey! They are from the same country where my baby is!" Today we were watching the luge and Kelsey said that it looked like fun! Should I be concerned? Anyway, on with our update.

2/8 Brian had his physical while I had the pleasure of going to the county assessor's office with a traveling notary to pick up a letter that stated our proof of home ownership.

2/10 I had my physical. Brian and I also went to one of our classes that is required for our homestudy. It was called "Attachment and Other Issues of International Adoption" and was taught by our social worker – we found the class to be very informative. In the class we met another couple who is going through their second international adoption, bringing their total to five cute kiddos. We ended up talking for quite a while in the parking lot after class. Paul and Stacy were so nice and offered to help us if we had any questions.

2/11 Brian's birthday!!! Kira was on a night flight because it had to be rescheduled last week due to rain and Kelsey was at a Civil Air Patrol meeting, so Brian and I actually were able to make a date out of it.

2/13 Sent a huge pile of paperwork off to Sacramento to be apostilled. Yes, you have get all your paperwork that has been notarized further authenticated by the state. $20 per document if you're curious.

We were all together and celebrated Brian's birthday. We went to Lucille's Rib Shack in Orange. Mmmmmm... it was very good. Brian had the need for pie instead of birthday cake, so a Chocolate Satin pie was in order.

2/14 Valentine's Day. I made cookies for my loved ones and made one especially for Aly. We are thinking of her today (and always) and can't wait until we can bring her home!

We need to start planning fundraisers, and will definitely be having some raffles, so please stay tuned.

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gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Yay- I finally have time to read the blogs of "my" families:) I'm praying for your whole process!!!!!
Fundraising- ah, the memories:) We raised $2000 at one yardsale!!!