Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Progress Continues

I have heard that I am behind on my updating and you are right. My humble apologies. Here is a recap from the first week in February.

2/1 We had to get Kelsey's TB test redone. The doctor didn't do it the day of her physical because she had one back in June. For the homestudy it must be within the last 6 months, so she needed to get that redone.

We also received a recommendation for a doctor to do Brian and my physical since our doctor is on maternity leave. Thanks Michelle for the recommendation.

2/3 I took Kelsey to the lab. Brian got off work early so we could get our paperwork notarized. Sue, the lady who was doing our paperwork was so touched with our story that she gave us 50% off. Much needed and greatly appreciated. Thanks Sue!

2/5 Kira's turn to go to the lab. She is NOT a fan of such things, so I appreciate her willingness to go above and beyond for Aly.

2/6 We all spent the day taking an Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid class through the American Red Cross for our homestudy. This was the girls and my third class in the last three years and I'm pretty sure Kelsey could have taught the class. We had a great instructor which was nice for Brian. I remember the first class I took the girls to... pretty sure they grabbed a person off the street and said, "You get to teach the class today!".

I'm off to watch some Olympics. I promise I'll return.

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