Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prayer Request

We have been getting the run around from our mortgage company regarding a letter we need for our adoption. It's really simple actually, just a proof of home mortgage. It needs our name, address, monthly payment, loan balance, and be notarized. Easy. On Friday they actually told us "No, we don't do that.". Grrrrr! So, we're asking for your help in praying that this will get resolved.

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Tracy said...

You know, I read on someone's blog that has gone through the adoption process from begining to end stating that the Home Study is the easiest part of the process. I had to have my dogs get physicals and endless trips to the notary! My work refused to write a letter stating that I am in good standing (as that may mean they can't lay me off or whatever. Whatever!). Someone ALWAYS has to make the journey difficult. I know that part stinks; it's tough but you will survive (half crazy, maybe but you will)

Good Luck!