Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Aly!

Aly turned four at the beginning of the month and we were so sad that we weren't able to be with her to celebrate her special day. My heart just breaks thinking of her without a mama to kiss her owies, hug her when she is scared, rock her when she is tired, and to cuddle her all the other times of the day. Oh, this little girl has no idea how so spoiled and loved she will be.

Well, it has been 9 weeks since we have sent in our I-600A Petition to Adopt and our waiting continues. As one who does not like to wait, this is killing me. My kids say I sigh all the time. They'll ask why and I'll say it's because I don't have my I-171H yet. We have continued contacting our officer and each time we get a different, generic email reply. It must be a form letter/email as it never addresses any of our specific questions that we asked. We just want a status update, but obviously there is nothing to update us on, if it hasn't even been looked at. On the positive side, the longest wait that I know of to receive a confirmation was 12 weeks. Everyone in the adoption world was shocked that it could take 12 weeks to receive the I-171H (some families take only one month), but it looks like we may follow suit. In that case, we are looking at three weeks or less!!!

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Mel said...

Not sure if it's us you are talking about when you mentioned the 12 weeks, but that's how long it took for us too! :( Hang in there April!! Aly will have LOTS of Birthdays with her Mama & family! :) Praying for your I171h!