Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yay, We're Approved... but Still Waiting

YAY! I just found out today from our "adopted" congressman's office down in El Cajon, CA (Duncan D. Hunter is the best!) that our USCIS officer approved us on Saturday, Sept. 18. She sent our file to her supervisor on Monday, Sept. 20 and then snail mailed it to the National Visa Center in New Hampshire. We still have not received anything by mail and the National Visa Center does not have us in their system yet (hopefully in a day or two), but at least we were approved! Still waiting for the Golden Ticket... I mean the I-171H. I would have never known we were approved if it weren't for Holly at Duncan Hunter's office. Thanks Holly for all your hard work!


Mel said...

Hang in there April... once you have that paper in your hands it's all down hill!! :) Praying it comes soon!

Blessedmom said...

I don't know where you live, but we also resorted to Duncan Hunter's office even though we are not within his constituency. We also dealt with holly. Yet, in the end, the same office who had kept us waiting, praying, crying, and praying again for quite a long time for our I-800A approval, processed our I-800 almost immediately. We also think that Duncan Hunter is the best due to his strong Pro-Life stand. I invite you to visit my blog, where I talk about the power of my mother's prayers, of my biological daughter's prayers that very same day as she was visiting Lourdes, the prayers of my biological twin sons--and my dad's help from above, as he had helped bring Thomas and Nicholas home from Haiti two years ago ( Sorry for the very long comment.Congrats again, and God bless, Lillian / Lillian Godone-Maresca