Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ten Weeks and Waiting

Please continue to pray for our I-171H to arrive. We have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for over ten weeks now. I just received an email from our congressman's office asking if we had heard anything. It seems that last week the fine folks at the USCIS told our congressman's office "that an officer would be adjudicating the petition this week". Well, it's Thursday and we still have not heard anything. The week is not over, so we will continue to pray for us as well as all of the other Reece's Rainbow families that are also adopting. There are so many families that are also waiting. Waiting to finish home studies and dossiers, to receive I-171H's, for dossiers to be submitted (and accepted), for travel dates, for court dates, etc. Oh, and don't forget waiting to raise all of the $$ to bring these beautiful children home. If you would like to help us bust Aly out of the joint, we would greatly appreciate it (Aly would appreciate it even more). Tax-deductible donations can be made directly through Reece's Rainbow at:

or, you can mail your donation to:
Reece's Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885

I have had several friends mail or drop of the checks to me and I will send them in for them (checks made payable to Reece's Rainbow). Remember, no amount is too small, it all adds up. Would you please consider giving up your coffee at Starbucks for a day, a movie night, or a dinner out. Aly thanks you!

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