Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Dossier Has Left the Building

Our dossier, lovingly known as "The Beast", has been sent. Yep, it is finally on its way. I have spent so much time gathering documents, signatures, notaries, apostilles, etc., that it feels weird not to have it in my possession. When I pulled into the driveway after dropping of the dossier at UPS, I felt as if I had forgotten my child accidentally behind at the store. Of course, I wouldn't know that personally, but one time one of my girls had an end of season party at a pizza place and then everyone drove over to the gym for the awards. One mom got to the gym and realized she left one of her kids at the pizza place. Oops!

I'm not quite sure of the rest of the timeline. Often once the dossier arrives, it can be submitted two weeks later. Unfortunately, I have heard that the State Dept. of Adoptions will be closing for two weeks in October (I do not know which two) and that may affect when we will be submitted.

Well, I have been told to hang on, that it's all downhill from here. You better believe I'll be hanging on, and praying the whole time.

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Mona Hutchins said...

What wonderful news!! Better start looking for a small snowsuit or snow pants for Aly as it won't be too long until you're there!