Thursday, August 5, 2010

The County of San Diego Must be So Proud!

In the past two days I have been to the county clerks office in Los Angeles and Orange County. As I walk up to their office, I am filled with dread at the prospect that awaits me. I am frightened at the mere thought of a line that snakes it way back and forth, that could possibly take an hour of my life or more, looking at the back of someone else's head. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find that at both offices there was absolutely no line... unheard of! There were other people at the counter being helped, but I was the first in line! I handed over my paperwork for notary authentication, they briefly looked at the notary, filled out the supporting paperwork, and voilá, I was on my way. Now that is service.

Brian on the other hand, had the task of going to the country clerk's office in San Diego. I told him, don't worry about it, I had no line what so ever, it'll be quick. Well of course when he got there the line was HUGE! After 1-1/2 hours he was up. He handed over his paperwork for notary authentication as well, and his gal inspected all of the documents with a fine-tooth comb. Nope, can't do it. It seems there is a mistake. What? No! Yep, you see when the form says "person(s)" and it is for Brian only and the notary forgot to cross out the (s), the clerk could not possible authenticate said document with good conscience. How could she possibly be held legally responsible for the gross negligence of another? All for a single "s". Also, she didn't like the wording of the jurat. She thought that the notary's name needed to be included in it after the sworn and sealed part.

Brian went back the following day and again she went over the documents with a fine-tooth comb. She told him that she still didn't think it was right, but wouldn't look at the copy she showed him the day before of how it was supposed to be. Her supervisor wasn't in to look at it either, and she'd said she would have to send it downtown. He asked her if she could fax it. (Have I told you about the little girl we're adopting?) She faxed it, went on break, and then went to a meeting. When she finally returned, she had completely forgot Brian was still there. He reminded her that he was still waiting and she told him that they said it was fine. Three minutes later he was out the door. Wow, for what took me three minutes, it took him three hours over two days, but he finally has the notary authentication and now I can go back to Los Angeles for the apostilles.

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