Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Did You Know?

143,000 orphans in the world spend an average of 10 years in orphanages or foster homes.

In countries such as Ukraine and Russia, about 15% of children who age-out of orphanages commit suicide before the age of 18.

60% of the girls become prostitutes, and 70% of the boys become criminals.

Every 15 seconds a child in Africa becomes an orphan due to AIDS.

Did you know that you can help change these statistics?

These statistics are taken courtesy of the Home for Good Foundation www.hfgf.org

November 7, 2010, is Orphan Sunday. This is a time for you and your church to promote orphan care and adoption. If you would like for your church to celebrate this event and encourage others to care for the "least of these," go to orphansunday.org to learn what tools and resources are available.

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Sylvia said...

Congrats on coming this far with your adoption. Your soon to be little girl is gorgeous! We are also adopting from EE! Hope you will be a follower of our blog :)