Monday, August 9, 2010

Oops... and Yay!

As I was double-checking all of our paperwork to make sure everything was accounted for last night, I realized that I had forgotten to take our marriage certificates to get apostilled last week (oops!). Saturday, we received our new state police clearances. Thankfully, this time the form had a signature from someone that is already in the system. I had thought about waiting until we receive the I-171H from USCIS and getting them all done then, but we all decided that once we receive the I-171H I will probably be too excited and forget to take the marriage certificates again. Not wanting to risk that, and wanting to have more documents in my completed file, off to Los Angeles I went again. It's amazing, no matter what time of day I go, there is always traffic. What is that about?

Yay, Kira's USCIS appointment for her fingerprints finally arrived today! Her actual appointment is for September 1, but we are planning on going first thing in the morning. It is so exciting to be yet another step closer to bringing Alyona home.

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Lacey said...

Yeah, you are so close! Wahoo!!