Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm a Stalker

Yep, I'm stalking my mail carrier. Every day you can find me waiting by my mailbox for Kira's USCIS biometric appointment. Friday... nothing. Saturday... nothing. That's it, I called USCIS. Left a message for our officer first thing this morning. Sure her message says she returns calls between 1-2 central time, but did I get a call... no. Not today at least. I know they are busy and have huge case loads, but please. Since I didn't hear back from our officer, I just had to leave an email as well.

My mail carrier did mention that mail does get separated. I'm guessing that would that be like when your luggage ends up in another airport in another state.

Monday... still nothing! ::: sigh :::

I'm feeling good about Tuesday!


Mona Hutchins said...

Adoption=waiting........God's lesson in patience. I want you to graduate now!! I am learning the same lesson. Aly's picture is getting worn out. I show it to all the people I come in contact with and I'm so very proud of my grandbaby!

Lacey said...

Oh I remember waiting by the mailbox for our fingerprinting appointment to come! Is it your daughters fingerprinting? How come she needs that?

TUC said...

lol, I stalked my mailman too!

April said...

Lacey - Everyone who lives in your home who is 18 years of age or older, needs to be fingerprinted for the USCIS, which include my oldest daughter.