Friday, July 30, 2010

USCIS... Fingerprint Appointment!!!

We finally heard from USCIS!!! On 7/29 (my birthday!). Brian and I received our fingerprint appointment... for August 20. Unfortunately, we did not receive Kira's form. Oh well, all three of us headed down first thing in the morning to see if we could all could get our fingerprints taken. I had heard other families adopting children with special needs going in before their appointment date and we have already requested USCIS expediate our application, so we thought it was worth a shot. Well, since Kira didn't have a form, they would not even allow her in the building! Brian was successful and had his prints taken. I will go back with Kira next week just as soon as she receives her form (I really hope it arrives in the mail Saturday).

On my birthday we also received our package of notarized documents back from Sacramento with the apostilles attached (there was one form that needs to be redone). These documents make up the bulk of our dossier. We have a few more documents (state police clearance, I-171H aka The Golden Ticket, etc.) that will need to be apostilled as well, so I think I will probably be driving to Sacramento for the remaining apostilles.

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