Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Assessor's Office

Brian is heading to the assessor's office (again) in an attempt to get the last document we need for our adoption. Please pray that they agree to give us the letter with the necessary information. They have given us a letter back in February, but not with all of the information we need, only what they typically provide for adoptions. They have no regard for what specific countries require. Also, since that original letter is now over 5 months old, it has since expired. ::: sigh ::: Why is this so complicated? It really isn't that difficult. They have spent more time with us in person and on the phone telling us "NO!" than they would if they would just write the letter. I wish there was a federal law that would make banks, mortgage companies, assessor's offices, etc. have to comply and provide the necessary documentation... without grief!


Danielle said...

Are you guys in CA too? We had so much trouble with this, too! It was insane, my husband just had to call everyone in the office. He figured out the extension number variation and just called until someone agreed to hand type out something saying that it was "indicated" that we lived at the residence. So sorry, I know how you are feeling!

April said...

It sounds like assessor's offices around the country are giving everybody the run around. I wish there was a federal law or something that would make them (along with banks and/or mortgage companies) help families adopting instead of giving them the run around (or refusal). It is just so frustrating (ok... infuriating!).