Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Due to the fact that it took so long to get the letter from our mortgage company, all of our other documents that we have gotten together have expired. Yes, all of the documents that we had notarized and apostilled back in January and February are no longer valid. The country we are adopting from allows 5 months and then they expire. Yesterday, I went to Brian's work, which is 90 minutes away. A lady that works their also happens to be a notary. She heard our story of how we had to redo all of our documents and she offered to notarize all of them for FREE after she got off work! Thanks Annette! Now I need to send all of the documents off to Sacramento to be apostilled.

Tomorrow morning Brian is going to try yet again with the assessor's office. The document they had given us 1) does not have all of the needed information on it and 2) it has also expired. Please pray that the assessor's office will be gracious and give us the letter we need to bring Aly home. They keep saying, "This is the letter we always give out for adoptions", with no thought to what information we told them needed to be included in the letter and that the country we are adopting from requires.

We are waiting for our state police clearance to arrive and an appointment to get our final set of fingerprints done. Once we have our final fingerprints, then we waited for the I-171H (aka The Golden Ticket), which is the final piece of paper we need for our dossier. We are getting so close!!!

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