Friday, July 30, 2010

You Want What?

The state police clearance we requested really wasn't. Sure it was notarized this time, but it was from the county, not the state, definitely not what we need. Not sure how that happened because we clearly requested a "state police clearance". That's what the top of the form said that we filled out and it even had a box labeled "adoption" for us to check. I emailed Jennifer who also lives in California (she recently adopted Sophia), as well as Hansina (who is adopting Liam) to see if they could provide some advice. It seems that what we really needed was another live-scan (why didn't they tell us that the first time). The new form had a box labeled "foreign adoption" so we must be on the right track. So 7/28 our live scans were completed. Brian was smart, he made an appointment for 9:00 by his office. I on the other hand didn't... but should have. The first place I went is by appointment only, next available appointment was August 2 (uh... no). The second place I went to accepted walk-ins, but they closed at 12:00. Bummer, it was past noon. The third place I went I was finally successful. If only I had checked online I would not have had to drive all over town. And so now I wait. I wait for the mailman to come and deliver our state police clearances, so that they too can go to Sacramento to be apostilled.

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