Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Medicals... Check (Again)

Last week Brian and I went to the lab to have our blood work (TB, HIV, etc.) redone and this week we were able to have our doctors appointment. Our doctor was surprised to hear that we needed to get everything redone, but when I explained that we just received the letter from the mortgage company... and that everything else has expired and needed to be redone she completely understood. She did warn us that she didn't think that our insurance would cover anything since we were just there in February. I get to go back on Monday to get the updated medical statements notarized.

We sent twenty-four documents that had recently been notarized (again) to Sacramento to get apostilled (again). I am hoping to have the last few remaining documents in my hands Monday so that I will be able to send them off to Sacramento as well.

Still waiting to hear from USCIS.

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Lacey said...

Ok, so were in SoCal are you guys? We want to move to California, but have to wait until we get Makayla home. Lyndi said she thinks its ok to move now that our dossier is in, but Ray can't get a job and then be gone for 5 weeks, just won't work!! I'm thinking in SoCal we can were summer stuff pretty much all year. I remember going to Disneyland in January and wearing shorts and flip flops. Also, Lyndi said that California is a pain in the butt to do dossier stuff. Is that so? Because we may want to adopt one more time in a couple of years, and our social worker here was so easy, that I hate to have a hard one in Cali!