Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good News and Bad News (Again)

Great news actually! We have finally received the letter from our mortgage company that we have been waiting months for. Unfortunately, because it has taken so long, all of the documents that we had completed, notarized, and sent to Sacramento to be apostilled... well, they have expired. Yes, we need to redo all of those documents. FYI, in California, it costs $20 per document to be apostilled. ::: sigh ::: Anyway, we are going to redo all of the documents tomorrow and pray that the assessor's office will be nice about redoing that document as well.

Also, our homestudy is almost completed. We reviewed the first copy and made minor changes as needed. Even better is that we got the very last document we needed for our homestudy turned in today. Hopefully that will be done any day now, then we can send it off to USCIS.

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