Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 10: We Have More Snow

It had rained Friday night and when we woke up Saturday morning all of the snow was gone. This morning when we woke up we had snow again! At this rate I don't know how long it will take for Brian's jeans to dry. They are hanging on a clothesline in an enclosed balcony, but it's freezing in there. Here is a view from our kitchen window to the inside of the apartment complex.

Our taxi driver would not drive us all the way to Aly's building, which is in the back of the complex. He dropped us off at the front gate and we had to walk through the snow. Thankfully there were car tracks the first half of the way and someone shoveled a narrow path the rest of the way, but we southern Californians really don't have the proper footwear for this.

I love cookies, so I am going to assume that Aly likes cookies too!

Aly wearing the finest in orphan couture!

She doesn't seem to mind though. I think I will be learning a lot from her.

Note the number 10 on her dress, which show which groupa the dress belongs to.

Mr. Bear needed a ride (note how she is making him hold on!).

I was curious if Aly was ticklish, so I had to find out.

She was so cute showing Mr. Bear her new ball.

Aly is Papa's new stylist. She is showing Brian how to accessorize.

I am going to apologize in advance - this was first time I was using the video on Brian's iPhone, and I was holding it the wrong direction. Now I know.

Here is Aly kicking back, reading a book with her Papa. Papa's are great and Aly strongly recommends that everybody have one!

When we arrived for our afternoon visit, someone gave Aly a total makeover. Beside her new outfit she had one, she had not one, not two, but seven ponytails!

In true toddler fashion, Aly had more fun putting the jewelry in the bag and dumping it out over and over again than she did decorating Daddy.

Aly sharing her phone call with Minnie Mouse.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds. We are expecting to have court on Dec. 8, please pray that all goes well. I have a feeling I'm supposed to be nervous for court. If any of you pros out there have any advice or recommendations I would greatly appreciate it, as I have no idea what to expect.


Nan and Dan said...

praying court goes well!! I would not worry too much about it, more than likely the judge will want to hear from hubby :) hope you are enjoying the snow!

Hansina said...

Court for us wasn't bad. It's almost like a play. Everybody has their role. Youll be fine. Praying for peace. I love following your journey!

Mel said...

Yep... judge talked more to John than to me. LOL

Hang the jeans on the radiator, they'll be dry overnight. :) Might be a bit stiff, but they'll be dry.