Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 21: ...and that's when the commotion started.

We arrived at the baby house today and found Alyona in a new dress... ooh, how fancy!

We settled into our morning routine of snacks (Cheerios, and some banana), getting ready to read some books...

...and that's when the commotion started.

Actually, it started when one of Aly's caretakers stepped into the closet adjacent to where we visit each day. Minutes later, she pops out dressed to the hilt as well. April and I looked at each other and said, "something's going on, and I bet we're about to find out."

Sure enough, a bunch of foreign language and charades later, we are following all of the kids from the groupa and the gussied-up nanny to the "hall" or performance area. Wait... we were told the winter performance was tomorrow, right? Something is definitely going on!

We arrived to a room full of media reporters, cameramen, and staff (all dressed up for a special event). There were also what seemed to be dignitaries and benefactors, and the orphanage director was getting everyone in place.

Minutes later kids from other groupa's started to arrive, and soon the room was as full as it could be. Then, a crew arrived and built some sort of "set"... oh boy, we are about to get some theater! Little did we know...

... this would be the day "Nickolai" would arrive! Woo Hoo! He rhymes, too. (although we cannot understand a word being said). After his speech, he introduced some friends of his that put on a little show. The program ended with Nickolai's helpers giving each child a new toy to take back to their groupa.

And we thought today was going to be "just another groundhog day" - ha!

Afternoon Update:
Praise item - we have an Embassy appointment next week!

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the old red passport (get it same day vs. 4-5 for the new one)
2. Pray for God's grace and mercy on the 21st - this is scheduled to be our "paperchase" day and Lord willing "Gotcha Day" and return to the capital city!
3. If these two things happen, it is possible we could be home on Christmas Day! (Please Lord, please!)


coloradotransplant said...

Sending many prayers heavenward!! What a wonderful Christmas gift for the girls if you bring home their sister!!!

NDMom said...

What a fun day to remember! Your little honey is sooooo cute! Loved being able to follow your journey and will be praying for you to all be reunited at Christmas!

Hansina said...

Praying for your return home to be on (or before) Christmas!