Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 19: Welcome to Our World

Two times a day, this is where you will find us. This is where we get to visit with Alyona.

These cabinets are where they keep the children's snow clothes. They have the cutest photos of the children above the cabinets.

Here is Alyona's photo when she was little. So cute! I just love those cheeks!

Most of their outfits have their groupa number written in a discreet location. This one, not so much. The number is written right on the chest.

We are having such a great time hanging out with our girl!

We tried on another outfit for size. She looks so adorable!

We are having a great time discovering what Alyona likes.


Nan and Dan said...

love the picture!! do you think they will let you have it??
soon my dear!!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Hi! I'm a supporter of Reece's Rainbow and right now we are raising money for Olga. I found your guy's blog and so now I'm following. :D Congrats!!!!!!