Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 11: More Fun With Aly!

Yes, this would be the path we follow that takes us to the baby home.

If I'm like most moms, I am always behind the camera (where I prefer to be). Brian said I needed a shot to prove to our girls I'm still alive (cold, but alive).

Aly loves to color. I found these great toddler crayons at Target and they are shaped like a triangle for a more proper grip.

Aly got to look at our photo album and see her sisters!

Aly had a great time playing with the dollhouse.

We had such a great chat with Aly's caretaker today (yes, she speaks English!). We found out Aly's schedule and showed her our photo album. She was so happy for Aly! She was explaining how children with Ds have no future here. She went around and showed the other caretakers our photo album as well.

Aly's nickname is Lona and so that is what we have been calling her on her visits. Since we are keeping her name, I think she gets to keep her nickname too (now that we know what it is). She loves to look at her photo when I take her picture!

My poor girl! Aly cried when we had to leave after our morning visit. It broke this mama's heart! When we arrived for our afternoon visit, she was already waiting for us in the visiting area. She had one tear on her cheek. I really hope she didn't think we would miss our time with her. She was so cute, decked out in a new outfit and yet another new hairstyle. I'm going to have to learn all these beauty tricks!

After playing with Papa and Mama, a short video, and playing in the ball pit, the day ended on a much happier note!

I braved a solo trip to the market late this evening for more minutes for our phone. We found out it is supposed to rain tomorrow and I didn't think this southern Californian would do well with both wet and cold. I can handle one or the other , but both... I can't even think about it. I couldn't figure out the vending machine, so the poor guy in the phone store had to put up with me and my charades. I think after a successful sale he deserves a raise!


SensibleMom said...

So sweet! We'll be praying for your time in court later this week!

Hansina said...

She is bonding so quickly with you guys! I bet you can't wait to bring her home!

Traci said...

OH she is so precious! I love how she quickly turned around and smiled when you took her picture! Wouldn't you love to know what she is saying in those videos? :)