Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 31: Just Hanging Out

Alyona had a rough night last night, so we decided that we would have a mellow day, just hanging out in the apartment. The fact that it was snowing outside solidified our decision.

We were able to skype with our family last night. It was great to see Brian at home with our girls and Aly was thrilled to see Papa again. My girls looked relieved to finally have him back home and immediately put him to work on flood duty. All of the rain in southern California can stop at anytime. Please!

Well today, Aly spent a good portion of the day listening to music while looking through our photo album, pointing to everyone. I think being able to skype has made these people in the photos finally seem to click with her.

We had a surprise visitor who came bearing gifts. Our facilitator dropped off Aly's passport and birth certificate for us to take to the embassy in the morning. Yay!!! It is such a great feeling to finally have these in my hand. It such an amazing feeling seeing our name on her birth certificate. She was abandoned in the hospital and never had visitors, but yet I wonder if her parents think about her. My heart breaks for her birth mom, who carried her, and loved her, but was probably unable to care for her. I am so thankful for the privilege to be her mom.

I am so excited that we are another day closer to bringing Alyona home!


Hansina said...

Praying the flooding stops and that your last few days in Kiev will go quickly!

Mel said...

Hang in there April!! Praying for the flooding to stop too! Isn't that passport the most beautiful thing in the whole world? :)

Sue & Bruce said...
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Nan and Dan said...

so happy that you are at the end of the trip and that hubby is home and taking care of things. Praying the rain stops soon! can't wait to see you all at home :) hugs

Natalie said...

Belated Merry Christmas. Glad Brian was able to make it home, and that the the trip home is in sight. Not long now!