Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 26: Big sigh – no passport, no gotcha

First of all, praise God for the prayers of the faithful - we got part of the way done today:

– we recieved the final court decree - Alyona is officially a Swerdfeger!
– we were able to get Alyona's new birth certificate with April and I listed as parents
– we were able to get her tax ID done
– we were able to close out her bank account and donate the funds to the orphanage
– we were able to visit her again this evening

But... no passport. We were told that the office where the passports are issued was without electricity today and had to close. No passport, no gotcha.

So our biggest prayer remains unanswered - and we humbly ask you to continue to pray for the same-day (Red) passport. We will be going to the office around 10am local time on Wednesday the 22nd, and Lord willing He will see fit to bless us with a quick resolution. Once we have it, we will go to the baby house, get Aly dressed in her new clothes, and "gotcha!"

What this means
We had to ask for our Embassy visa appointment to be rescheduled. The embassy will be closed on Friday for Christmas Eve, so we're praying we can get her visa processed before then and we can find room on a flight to London on Friday, and still get home on Christmas Day. Otherwise we will be here another week as the embassy will not be open again until Monday.

In other news...
Last Thursday, after the first Nickolai program, we were approached by a reporter from the local newspaper. She had heard we were adopting a special needs child and wanted to learn more of our story and family. She returned on Friday and we did a full interview. She remarked how surprised she was to watch us watching Aly in the program - she said we "beamed" just like parents. "Of course, she is our daughter!" we replied. She was amazed by our story, and happy that a "child like this" will have a better life. Tonight (Tuesday 12/21) she came back again to take photos of the three of us together for the article. Please pray God uses this story to touch hearts and bless others, especially the children waiting for forever families!

Prayer requests:
– same day passport
– embassy appointment and visa before they close for Christmas and the weekend
– pray for our 17 year old (Kelsey) who has a nasty cold (and momma who wishes she could be home to care for her!)


Sue & Bruce said...

Hi Brian and April - Big prayers for all of you. Red is a good color this time of year - I pray they grant you the special red passport and you get home on Christmas. Sorry to hear Kelsey's sick. We'll check in on them tomorrow and see if we can deliver some chicken soup or something like that. God is watching over your family - I pray His hand will guide the rest of this process smoothly. Our love to you.

Nan and Dan said...

praying big time!!!! hoping there is no post today cause they are running!!!!!!hugs!!