Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 15: Quarantine

Imagine my surprise when we were leaving the baby house the other day and we see this posted on the door. Have you counted how many exclamation points there are? I was seriously concerned! We forwarded this photo to friends back home and they were able to translate it for us.

Basically the sign says that there is a quarantine due to the flu and no visitors allowed. I was so concerned they might stop our visits with Alyona. Thankfully, they said we just need to wear masks. Unfortunately, this is all Aly gets to see of us. She doesn't seem to mind though as all of the workers are wearing masks as well.

Aly was such a cuddle bug today. She spent a good portion of our visit on Daddy's lap.

When she decided it was time to get down, she decided to let her creativity flow.

I just love those cute little feet.

Alyona was eating some pretzel sticks and shared with her Papa.

We are enjoying getting to spend more time with her and learn more about her each day. We now know she loves bananas, but strawberry yogurt, not so much. We have no idea if it's the flavor, texture, or the fact that it's cold. I'm guessing it's because it's cold. We have only seen them bring warm pots into the room for lunch time.

We still have not heard back regarding whether we will be able to get the red passport or not.

Here is the tentative timeline:
Thur. Dec. 9: Court
Fri. Dec. 10: Day 1 of 10 waiting period
Tues. Dec. 21: We have two weekends, so they add an extra two days to our wait. We can pick up the court decree and start the paperchase (birth certificate, tax ID code, bank account, passport, etc.)
5 business days for passport, if we receive the blue passport. We are still praying for the same day, red passport.
2 days at the embassy (closed on the 31st)
HOME ! ! !

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Nan and Dan said...

praying it all comes together!!! good luck :)
Love the masks, I had to wear them too :)