Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 33: We Have the Visa!!!

We are so excited that we finally have Alyona's visa. To celebrate we played a game of volleyball/soccer. Aly won!

While at the embassy, it was great to be able to meet several other families that were adopting. We ran into The Birschbach's (Jill and her friend Debbie). It was great to get to see Elijah! We also got to see The Hansen's (Mark and Melanie) and their beautiful daughter Maia! It would have been such a great photo op, but unfortunately you have to hand over your camera when you enter the embassy.

We are so excited about finally being able to come home. Kelsey was sweet enough to delay her Christmas baking, so we would have fresh Christmas cookies to come home to (such a sweetie!).


The McEacherns said...

She's just too cute! safe travels home! (and remember that Aly can't leave the London airport unless you get her a separate visa)

Nan and Dan said...

woo hoo!!
Soon you will be HOME!!!

Hansina said...

Safe travels! We will be in southern Cal in Feb. Would love to meet you and your family!

Sue & Bruce said...

Congratulations! I hope the flight is a fun, short, uneventful one and that Aly enjoys it. Kira mentioned you had a book to tell her all about flying (that you had used with her when she was first flying - how sweet is that!).

Our prayers continue for you!