Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 6: We Have Our SDA Referral!

We were able to pick up our SDA referral, which means first thing in the morning (5:00am local time) we get to travel to Aly's region! We are so excited that we will finally get to meet our little girl who we have been praying for, for such a long time.

We decided to walk to TGIF for dinner. Brian checked the weather, and it was 6 degrees. The high today was 12 and it wasn't that bad, but 6 degrees is just wrong! My hands, face, and toes were numb by the time we got there (15 minute walk). We took our time eating, knowing we had to walk uphill in colder weather to get back to the apartment. We are such southern California weather wimps, ha!


Hansina said...

Can't wait to see more pictures of Aly! Hopefully your region is not as cold!

Nan and Dan said...

Hi guys!!
It is really early in the am and I am guessing you can't sleep since you have to get up so early :)
Today is the day you have been dreaming about for so long!! I can not wait to see a pic of you guys together!!!!!
praying for an uneventful ride to region :0 Just take my advic and close your eyes :) :)

coloradotransplant said...

Cold hands; warm heart!!!!

Helle said...

Wait a minute- you're practically in Southern Europe, I'm envious of your weather! ;-)

How did the SDA appointment go? It is so exciting that you will soon meet Aly! I'm looking forward to your update :)