Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 18: We Be Chillin'

After the miserable day we had yesterday, we were determined to make sure today would not be a repeat. We had our plan and we were sticking to it. We were going to take Alyona outside and enjoy the day on our schedule. Well of course, our plan was a little sidetracked when we first arrived. I looked in there groupa, but there were no kids. The children were down the hall, rehearsing for their little production this Friday. We heard accordion being played and children singing. We knew if we went and peeked that Alyona would want to come with us, but wouldn't be allowed. And so we sat and we waited. The good news is that we get to attend the little production on Friday. Well after about an hour the children finally returned. As the other children were quickly getting dressed to go outside, we were taking our dear sweet time. No rushing us today. The other children went outside and we were still finishing getting Aly's many layers on. We had a great leisurely time outside, walking and playing together.

Once we came back inside, we cuddled, had some snacks, and read. When I saw it was time for their lunch we gave our hugs and kisses goodbye and I took her to the door. Her caretaker was just coming to tell us it was lunchtime when Aly turned around and made a beeline for her daddy. How sweet!

Our afternoon visit was more of the same, cuddling, books, snacks, magna doodle, all in daddy's lap, until the last 15 minutes when she wanted to get down and color.

My poor baby's battle wound. I know accidents happen, but how children are treated when they get hurt makes all the difference.

Aly trying on her new coat!

Cuddle time with Papa makes everything better!

This is the room where we have our visits. We brought books and toys, but are fortunate that they let us use toys from their playroom as well.

The children's snow clothes are in these cabinets.

We are looking forward to another great visit with Alyona tomorrow!

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