Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 20: Ground Hog Day

Today, we were thankful for the huge bottles of water we have been lugging back from the market... a mile away. Somebody was in the shower this morning, when we not only ran out of hot water, but we ran out of water completely! Thankfully it was back on before we left for the orphanage.

Alyona had it on her schedule to clear the snow off of every horizontal surface in the play area.

Under the snow we found daisies! Yes, there were daisies on the benches, on the rocket, even on the tree stump!

"I love daisies. They're so friendly. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" - name that movie)

She also made time to chase a dog that had wondered into the play yard. It was so cute hearing her "woof" at the dog. I am so relieved to know that Aly is not afraid of dogs. I have a feeling Bella may be making the same face that this dog is making.

Aly was reading a book to us about colors and she was telling us all about it.

We also found another thing Aly likes to do. Hang upside down!

The caretakers have been very busy decorating their groupa. They even put up the New Years tree. I just had to take advantage and get a picture. It took half a dozen tries and the help of a caretaker but I finally got one.

And now for what very well may be our Christmas card for this year! Think I can photo shop in Kira and Kelsey?


The Mac's House said...

LOL You've got mail! I love that movie too.

Daisies are pretty awesome in their own right.

Cute photo.

Hansina said...

Love the picture by the tree! So cute!

Nan and Dan said...

so awesome!! that picture is great! soon! soon! hugs!

Denise said...

That is such a cute picture....all the photo card places have the options now to do a few different photos so just do separate pics of them all and you have the perfect card :) I just get happy every time you jwrite about all of the cute things that Aly does. She seems simply precious!! How old is she? By the time I started following her on RR, her original bio had been replaced by your family bio. Hope you guys are home soon!!

Lacey said...

Seeing pictures of the orphanage just brings back such memories! As homesick as I was and how much I worried about Jax, I actually miss it. It was such an adventure. Your apartment must be near ours. We were no where near the orphanage. Do you know where the Mcdonalds is? Or the little pizza place?