Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 22: Showtime!

Today we were blessed with a taste of Alyona's culture... pre-school style. No groundhog day today, no siree! Good thing we arrived right on time, as it was a full house - standing room only! We were quickly ushered into the second row. In front of us sat the governor, mayor, another dignitary in a suit, and the orphanage director. Behind us were 30+ benefactors, sponsors, media, and the entourage of government dignitaries - as well as doctors, nurses, and other orphanage staff.

As the music started the cast (groupas) started to arrive, followed by all sorts of staff members in costume. We were in for a treat! It's got to be very rare that adoptive parents ever get to see this once a year event, and we were happy to have such a wonderful diversion from our daily routine.

Alyona was as beautiful as ever in her fancy dress...

The program had singing, dancing, and speaking lines. Of course, we could not understand a single word! It started with the "Dance of the Stuffed Animals"...

Then an invitation for Nickolai to come, "Ni-co-lai, Ni-co-lai." But no, it is not yet time because first we must have the "Dance of the Tinsel Wand"

This was followed by a couple of the kids going up to recite a speaking line they had been given. You can imagine our surprise and joy as Alyona was the last speaker!

I don't care how cold it is outside, that is heartwarming through and through!

Finally, it was time for "Nickolai" to appear. And, just like America where one can see a variety of good and bad Santas, this "Nick" appeared to be more Nicole than yesterday's hero:

The kids danced and sang with Nic, and then it was time for gifts from the orphanage sponsors. All in all, a great way to spend two hours!


momtofourgirls.Kari said...

That was soooo precious!!! Oh I love her deep sweet voice :) What a treat for you. I know it is hard to be gone for Christmas; but what a blessing to see Aly in a program, interacting with her peers, and see how supportive and loving the wonderful people who care for her are!! Keep all this great video and pictures coming... I look forward to them :)

The Mac's House said...

Oh tears of joy for you all. How exciting it must have been to be a part of a very special program in your litle Aly's life.

Thanks for sharing your travels, pictures and precious time with her.

:) Teri

NDMom said...

That was too precious for words! Just think of all the wonderful blessings coming your way with this little princess in your life!

Sue & Bruce said...

How adorable - she looks so beautiful in her dress and looked so proud to say her lines (wouldn't it be fun to know what they were saying!). We're so excited for you all.

Jodi said...

oh, how adorable! You guys are so blessed :)