Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 12: Aly is Such a Swerd!

With her love of books and music, she will fit in perfectly with our family! When we first arrived for our morning visit, there were already books on the table waiting in the visiting area. Her caretakers know her so well.

We brought the doll out for a visit and Aly was so sweet and gentle with the baby.

Aly had to try the bottle to see if she was missing anything.

With the music playing, Aly had the baby dancing!

Aly is so funny! Our facilitator called us back to tell us what time the taxi would be picking us up and Aly had to be on her phone as well.

Just like her Papa!

Our court date has been moved to December 9.


NDMom said...

What a precious little girl! She is a treasure, that is for sure!

Nan and Dan said...

so so sweet!!!

AddingOn said...

Hello! Another RR Mom here. Thanks for sharing your precious girl. She is so smart! I can believe her imagination! And your blessed to be in a home where they actually put you in a room with toys!!
Enjoy your sweetie!